Buy and collect tour 2022



Have you ever dreamed of owning a Unicorn?
Do you want to meet the people who designed and manufactured your motorcycle?
Do you want to drive small dirt roads across the Pyrenees on a new AJP?

An exclusive shopping experience for 12 people

Order your motorcycle in Sweden – pick it up at the factory in Portugal.

You have the number plate from home and the bike is registered and insured in Sweden before departure.
After visiting the AJP factory in Lousada and handshake with those who screwed your motorcycle together, you will get a guided tour to Barcelona where we prepare the bikes for repatriation.

Price for travel: 19 913 SEK incl. VAT
Date: 10-23 April 2022

Included in the trip

  • Hotel and breakfast every day (accommodation in double room, single room can be purchased for)
  • Welcome dinner and briefing the first evening
  • Lunch every driving day
  • Guided visit to the factory
  • Guiding every day
  • 4 evenings Training/Review of e.g. Navigation with Android (Tablet on PR7), equipment for tours, route planning and practical service procedure for your AJP
  • Enduristan ToolPack with tools adapted for your new AJP
  • First aid kit to attach to the bike
  • Service kit 100 mila service


Have you ever dreamed of owning a Unicorn? Do you want to meet the people who designed and manufactured your motorcycle? Does 230-260 miles across the Pyrenees sound like a good idea? It is enough if you answer yes to 2 of the questions to read on.

The trip came about when I myself got the idea to buy a brand new AJP PR7, The TET-Unicorn, pick it up directly from the factory in Portugal and drive home via trans European trail. When I told them about my idea, there were several who wanted to go with but few had the time it would take to drive all 900 miles. I thought about it and created a quiet but strapping tour of 12 driving days through some of the most beautiful parts in southern Europe. It will be a journey full of experiences.

We travel through picturesque villages, over countless mountains and with amazing views only seen on other people’s YouTube clips. Every day we arrive in time to adjust something on the bike or itself. You have time to take a walk and look at the surroundings, have a good dinner at a local Tapas restaurant and go to bed in time to be alert the next driving day. We keep a safe but fun pace that allows time for pictures and videos that make the friends back home regret they didn’t go with.

This will be an adventure you will never forget!

For whom

The trip is intended for all new AJP owners regardless of age, gender or technical knowledge. However, we require you to feel safe on gravel roads and have experience of uneven terrain.

Most of the time we drive on smooth surfaces but parts of the route run on bad and rocky gravel roads on slopes and in exceptional cases paths, tractor tracks and through water. If it is a wet spring, the watercourses are higher and the surface is slippery. There is of course the opportunity to take an easier path and meet up with the group later for those who want to. If so, you drive without a guide. The AJP PR7 has excellent navigation in its 8″ Tablet so choosing your own path won’t be a problem.

We have limited the number of participants to 12.

The Journey & Training

The offer is aimed at 12 new AJP owners.

The purpose of the trip is not only to get an experience for life, but also an increased knowledge of AJP and your new motorcycle. For some, it will be an introduction to their own upcoming trips and for others an development of the skills to plan an adventure on the bike.

Along the way, training is held to get the most out of your new motorcycle. Already the second day we have an in-depth review of the Android tablet on AJP PR7. Another evening we go through what to consider when routing and planning a trip. One evening we discuss which tools and spare parts to take with you during different types of trips and in the fourth review we deal with accessories and general tips and tricks to get the most out of their trip.

The training varies between 30-90 minutes.

Deadline and Payment

Max 12 participants. When the number is reached, the notification closes.

No later than January 23, expressions of interest and orders for a motorcycle must be submitted. Registration form can be found at the bottom of the page.

On January 28, binding instalments for both MC and travel will be in the account. For example, AJP PR7 + Resa, the partial payment is SEK 19,413.

When financing, Wasa requires a partial payment of 20% of the motorcycle, which means about 25000 SEK on 28/1. See separate price list for the AJP motorcycles here.

Full payment for MC and travel should be provided to us on March 18, 2022. Payment is made by invoice or financing through Wasa Kredit. We can of course invoice companies for both travel and motorcycle if desired.

Information about MC purchases can be found under Purchase information.


The weather in northern Spain is pleasant from mid-April. Daytime temperatures are at a comfortable 14-20°C while the nights are cool. Up in the mountains it can go a bit below 10°C and the winds make it nice to pull over a thin jacket. Ideal driving temperature, in other words.

MC kör över Andorra
mc vyer
InTo andorra with mc

The route

We find our way up across the Spanish border and make our way on gravel and tractor roads over the mountains to the east. A few miles leads us straight through the principality of Andorra and the capital Andorra la Vella. We will try to stop and see if the old tax haven has anything to offer before we move on.

Parts of the route are popular and we will most likely meet like-minded people along the way. One of the tracks I made takes us by the back road on paths over the mountains from Andorra la Vella to the famous VW Type1 bus at 2575 m. Some parts have a 25% slope and it is uncertain if we will come up. It’s only a couple of miles around so if we need to turn around, it’s not the whole world. If you turn around, there are, of course, everything in several places.

If for some reason it is not advisable to drive according to the track, we will rot and take a different route. I alone make the decision whether the whole group should take a different path. If someone or someone feels insecure about a party that the group chooses to pass, we together look out an alternative route and decide on a meeting place. No one should be forced to overtake their own abilities, while those with greater experience should also have their challenges.

MC tour 2021

Depending on the size of the group and the experience of the drivers, the length and difficulty of the route varies. Hence 230-260 miles. The completed route will be determined after the last registration period has passed.


The trails rarely run through large towns but often pass through genuine small villages. There are plenty of smaller, simpler hotels, often with their own restaurant and good opportunities to park the motorcycles safely.

The hotels do not always have many rooms so in some cases we will rent the entire hotel. We must therefore be out in good time with the bookings. A requirement on our part is a hearty breakfast and clean and fresh rooms. We book the finest we find without having to stray so far from the track. The price includes part in a double room. Single rooms are available at an additional cost subject to availability.

We leave the camping equipment at home to save space and weight in the packing.



The most difficult parts consist of steep slopes where the meltwater has ravaged and made deep furours in the winding gravel roads. We will also pass through smaller streams and streams with varying depths and flow.

We drive quite early in the season and on the peaks the snow is probably still there. On the same day we can pass several mountains and valleys with thousands of meters in height difference. There will not be many horizontal parties. The highest peaks reach over 2700 meters and there are large temperature differences. Fear of heights will be challenged.

The bikes can handle all the passages gallantly only the driver trusts his equipment and has decent experience. In the most difficult parts, we help each other or divide. There is always a faster way around. Everyone drives with their own responsibility and no one should exceed their ability.


AJP Nordic is a reseller for Enduristan. All registered receive a unique offer on bags adapted for your particular AJP model.

Enduristan’s bags sit tight and sturdy and hold everything you need. They are easy to unmount so you can easily take in your luggage when you arrive. Bags can be included in the financing of the motorcycle for those who wish.

tornado duffelväskor
tillbehör ajp motorcykel

Buying a motorcycle for the trip

Buying the motorcycle to be picked up in Portugal is done according to regular routines. The only exception is that the factory makes the bike ready for delivery and full payment must be made about 3v before delivery. The previous payment is to give you and the Swedish Transport Agency an extra week for registration and insurance. It would be a bit snowy if the number plate did not get in the mail before departure.

REGISTRATION – AJP Buy and Collect Tour

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