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The new AJP PR7 raises the bar in the adventure stakes thanks in part to an ultra-lightweight chassis, a reliable single cylinder, fuel injected engine complimented with very sophisticated suspension.
Your new best friend when it comes to Adventure riding.

Whether you like to take a trip around the world or riding through the country, you will not be disappointed with the PR7’s ability to get the job done.

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pr7 front 2023
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Technology at the centre – With the new 8 inch screen, you’ll be able to monitor a whole host of information.

Anything from navigation maps, speed and temperature data through to OBD diagnostics and custom apps.

The world is in front of you.
pr7 tablet


The ultimate bodywork for perfect harmony between men and machine. AJP “PP” – Hard Plastic Rally tower with Hella Rally lights, AJP Pro Metal Skid-plate and Hand-guards ensure that you are always ready for adventure.

Brembo brakes with improved braided lines make you stoppable at the right moments and an Acerbis Co-developed 17L tank gives you the right amount of gas to fuel your dreams. The snorkel air-filter and raid-ready fuel system make the PR7 Adventure’s unstoppable, no matter where you go.

*Changes to the stock exhaust may apply depending on country homologation.

ajp pr7 adventure


Reliability meets Performance – The heart of the PR7 is a compact, light and modern engine, equipped with a balance shaft (low vibrations) and a 6-speed gearbox, making it perfect to match the philosophy of adventure.

The bike allows an optimal exploration of the torque delivered by the single-cylinder water-cooled engine, with a double over-head camshaft, 4 valves, and fed by a modern injection system with a Ø45mm body.

The new PR7 features the very latest Euro 5 emission compliance.

pr7 engine 2023


All new range AJP Motorcycles come with an open OBD-sensor that allows anyone to diagnose their AJP Motorbike.

Simply plug-in your OBD reader and access your motorcycle’s values. Develop your own freedom.

Anytime, Anywhere!


300mm of travel, offer a ultimate performance in all kind of terrain. The suspension co-operate perfectly with the machined AJP PR7 2021 triple clamps.

The rear shock is a fully-adjustable ZF Sachs with reservoir and 280mm of travel. Both, rear shock and suspension, are intuitive and easy to change the setup.

pr7 rear weel 2023


The new adventure inspired rally seat provides the rider with extra comfort in all conditions.

Fully waterproof fabric and improved ergonomics create the most comfortable adventure experience that AJP has ever made.

pr7 ergonomy

Source: AJP Motos