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AJP´s Enduro models SPR510R, SPR310R, SPR250, SPR240, SPR125 is perfect for some winter fun. Order your favorite now for your next winter adventure.

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The largest MC Magazine in the Nordics tributes AJP PR7

The magazine MC Folket evaluate three models adapted for gravel and adventure in their latest release. In the article (In Swedish) you can read about KTM690, Aprilia Tuareg 660 and our AJP PR7. Swift gravel lovers MC Folket pay tribute to AJP PR7...

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AJP Nordic at GGN 2022

Gotland Grand National (GGN) is the world’s largest Enduro competition. It´s held on the military battlefields of Tofta, on the island Gotland in Sweden. Approximately 3000 competitors enter each year and the whole event is sent on national television. It´s a spectacular event that...

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Order now, get your AJP this spring!

Are you longing for a new adventure? Place your AJP order now and enjoy your new ride this spring. Contact us directly or any of our resellers. Read more about how to order an AJP motorcycle here.

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Enduro and Supermoto news!

Now you can enjoy the new Enduro and Supermoto models SPR240 and SPR250. SPR 240 is available as both Enduro and Extreme. You can choose the SPR250 as Enduro or Supermoto. Perfect for racing as well as training. Pure driving pleasure for all tastes!...

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AJP Nordic welcomes SPR250

We welcome the enduro model SPR250 which we now have as a demo motorcycle. This weekend it was tested in varied terrain. The motorcycle is stable, smooth and very easy to ride. A fantastically fun machine for technical driving and shorter trips....

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There are new AJP bikes in town!

One of our resellers Stans Moto Shop in Gothenburg received their pre-ordered PR7 bikes just in time for the adventure season.The interest for PR7 is growing rapidly in Sweden and these bikes had new owners within days. The queue is lining up and we look...

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Do what you love.Wherever you love to do it.We ride AJP. Because we love it.Happy valentines day!...

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AJP Calendar – keep an eye on all the fun

New menu is added where you can keep track of what´s happening. For example, if we will be on site for viewing, demo test rides or other fun. Go to Calendar to see our upcoming events....

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AJP in a box

AJP PR7 has arrived and this is what it looks like when it arrives. Now it will be “un-boxed” and assembled. How exciting! How to buy an AJP motorcycle! Contact us at AJP Nordic by email or phone and tell us which model you...