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AJP Nordic at SKOG24

Start date: 2024-05-09
End date: 2024-05-12
All-day event
Location: Kyrkekvarn
AJP at Skog24 event

AJP Nordic kommer gästa eventet SKOG24 i Kyrkekvarn 9-12 maj.
Vi kommer finns på plats med två demohojar PR7 och SPR310R.

The ultimate adventure!

Imagine a terrain with various of trails, obstacles to cross, challenges to overcome together with a group of people who is eager for adventure. This is where the AJP bikes comes to their absolute right and in May we will do just that at the SKOG 2024 event.

AJP Nordic is official importer of AJP motorcycles and will be onsite with two AJP bikes for you to explore and of course take out for a test drive.

What to expect:

AJP PR7 is an Adventure bike with 600cc, exceptional for this type of events. PR7 is the ultimate dual-sport machine with a navigation tablet included that will guide you safely on your tour.

AJP SPR310R is a 300cc Enduro performance focused machine with an extreme power, easy to maneuver and so much fun.

We bring the bikes, lot of knowledge of AJP and fun events for you to play along with.
We look forward seeing you there.

/AJP Nordic

Provkör AJP hos Rapido MCK

Date: 2024-05-18
Time: 11:00 - 15:00
Location: Skansbacken 4, Gullmarsplan
Test drive
AJP logo för provkörning

AJP Nordic finns på plats på Öppet Hus hos Rapido MCK & SMC Stockholm lördag 18 maj.

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