AJP PR7 Review

JoyRide: The Amazing PR7 Adventure from AJP™

Heavy Weight Everybody’s talking weight-loss, yet most, considering themselves “adventure riders”, keep forking over their cash for pear-shaped,[…]

New website look

Our website has a new look

It was time to make some updates on our website and now you find our new site[…]

AJP Riders Shop open now image

AJP Riders Apparel shop is live!

In collaboration with branding company Wefixit we can now offer unisex AJP branded clothing and merchandise to[…]


The largest MC Magazine in the Nordics tributes AJP PR7

The magazine MC Folket evaluate three models adapted for gravel and adventure in their latest release. In[…]

AJP Nordic at GGN 2022

AJP Nordic at GGN 2022

Gotland Grand National (GGN) is the world’s largest Enduro competition. It´s held on the military battlefields of[…]

spr240 och spr240 i skogen

Enduro and Supermoto news!

Now you can enjoy the new Enduro and Supermoto models SPR240 and SPR250. SPR 240 is available[…]

ajp spr250 på bakhjulet

AJP Nordic welcomes SPR250

We welcome the Enduro model SPR250 which we now have as a demo motorcycle. This weekend it[…]

Stans Moto shop nya PR7

There are new AJP bikes in town!

One of our resellers Stans Moto Shop in Gothenburg received their pre-ordered PR7 bikes just in time[…]

ajp nordic lastar motorcykel

The ultimate adventure!

Imagine a terrain with various trails, obstacles to cross and challenges to overcome together with a group[…]

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