With the new SPR models, AJP is challenging the major manufacturers again. A more focus on competition has resulted in increased number of podium positions lately. The new ECU modules from Athena are open to their own modifications giving the serious racer the opportunity to adjust the nature of this bike race for race.

With reliable and at the same time lightweight and powerful motorcycles, AJP is a manufacturer to be reckoned with for both race riders and enthusiasts.


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Enduro is a term primarily associated with a type of off-road motorcycle racing that involves various challenges and terrains. The word "Enduro" itself is derived from the French word "endurer," which means to endure or withstand. In the context of motorsports, "Enduro" signifies a race format that tests both the rider's and the machine's endurance and versatility.

Enduro races typically take place over long distances and varying terrain, including trails, forests, rocky paths, hills, and even roads. The courses are designed to challenge a rider's skills in navigating obstacles, maintaining control over the bike, and enduring the physical demands of the race. Because of the diverse conditions and the emphasis on endurance, enduro races often last for several hours or even multiple days.

Unlike other forms of motorcycle racing that focus primarily on speed and agility, enduro racing requires a balance between speed and technique. Riders need to pace themselves to ensure they can complete the race while overcoming obstacles and fatigue. This type of racing demands not only physical fitness and technical skill but also strategic planning and mental toughness.

To drive an AJP Enduro motorcycle is an Enduring Experience.
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