SPR 310R

93000 kr95400 kr Inkl.moms

AJP SPR 310R can be selected as Enduro or Supermoto

Price – Enduro: 93.000 SEK
Price- Supermoto: 95.400 SEK

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The SPR 310R is a performance-focused machine that lets all experienced Enduro drivers explore their full capabilities.

The SPR 310R gathers a good range of strong, torsional power with extreme handling and agility that is anything but heavy. It is the perfect 4-stroke ripper for full enjoyment. The SPR 310R is equipped with a power-focused 6-speed gearbox and the ultimate progressive suspension setting developed by ZF SACHS with a reliable proven fuel-injected monocylinder for a consistent and easy maintenance operation.

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Endoro, Supermoto