How to buy an AJP Motorcycle

Contact us at AJP Nordic by email or phone and tell us which model you want to buy. At present, we can offer direct payment via invoice or financing through resellers.

When placing orders, a partial payment of 15% of the order value will be charged. AJP Nordic places production orders against the factory and an estimated delivery time is obtained.

About 2 weeks before delivery, the motorcycle is paid in full (or financing is started) and AJP Nordic sends registration documents to the Swedish Transport Agency. The Swedish Transport Agency then sends the license plate directly to the buyer who now owns the vehicle. The Swedish Transport Agency normally sends a sign and registration certificate within a week, which gives about 1 week to take out an appropriate insurance policy.

The AJP Motorcycle is sent to the agreed dealer who makes it ready for delivery and hands it over to the buyer. If the buyer has not provided the license plate to the dealer, it will be installed in connection with collection. It is the buyer's responsibility to activate the insurance before it is put into service. The easiest way to start is through the Swedish Transport Agency's application or website.

If you are a company, retailer or have other conditions, we discuss it individually. Perhaps you do not want to register the motorcycle or payment should be made by someone other than the final owner. Get in touch and we will find a suitable solution.